Write an article about healthy lifestyle

Aug 17, Learn to form healthy habits by replacing the bad ones.

Write an article about healthy lifestyle

Here is your free sample essay on Lifestyle Dnyanesh Kumar Advertisements: It includes lifelong personal habits and also cultural and behavioral patterns. It is through the social interaction with parents, groups, and friends and through school and mass media we get to our lifestyle.

Today our health, fitness and illness are greatly influenced by our lifestyle which covers many aspects of human behaviors like patterns of eating, drinking alcoholsmoking, exercises, drug dependence, human reproduction, sexual behaviors etc.

Promotion of health requires a healthy lifestyle. In the developed countries nowadays many major health problems e. In developing countries like ours, risks of illness and death still have a connection with the traditional lifestyles characterized by poor sanitation condition, poor nutrition, personal hygiene, elementary human habits, customs and cultural patterns etc.

Factors like adequate nutrition, enough sleep, sufficient physical activity, personal hygiene, habits and behavior contribute to promote optimum health and all these are deeply related to individual lifestyles.

Lifestyle change more than any other factor is considered to be the best way of preventing illness and early death in our society. It is clear from a recent report published by Public Health Service in United States that the percentage contribution of four sources to early death reveals that Life care system accounts for 9.

The implication is that active living contributes significantly to good health and wellbeing, can enhance health and quality of life. And all of us should learn to alter our lifestyles to foster lifetime fitness and wellness. Two concepts "Health" and "Wellness" should be clearly understood in order to understand their relation to lifestyle.

It is more than freedom from disease and illness which are associated with circumstances that upset homeostasis, although freedom from disease is important to good health. Optimum health includes high level mental, social, emotional, spiritual, and physical fitness within limits of one's heredity and personal disabilities.

Wellness reflects how one feels a sense of wellbeing about life as well as one's ability to function effectively.

Wellness is opposed to illness, is sometimes described as the positive components of good health. Healthy lifestyle is critical to wellness. Just as modern-day illness like heart disease, cancer and diabetes, high blood sugar and blood pressure problems are caused mostly by unhealthy lifestyle; healthy lifestyle can ensure an improved feeling of wellness.

Regular physical activity leads to healthy lifestyle to prevent hypo kinetic diseases and conditions. A positive total outlook on life is essential to wellness. A person with wellness is one who finds satisfaction in work, is spiritually fulfilled, enjoys leisure time, is physically fit, socially involved and has a positive emotional-mental outlook.

This can be put in the following tabular form: Three strategies can be applied to achieve optimal health for all people.

In this strategy maximum responsibility rests on the medical and health professionals. The second strategy includes measures that will help prevent disease and illness and here much of the burden lies with the communities and individuals within these communities although the fact remains that the medical and public health agencies have a great role to play in implementing this strategy.

The third strategy i. Health and Wellness promotion includes efforts to bring changes in lifestyles to enhance the quality of life that helps people to achieve their potential to live full active lives. Whereas the treatment and prevention strategies focus on illness, disease and eventually at Death's door; promotion strategies focus on wellness.

· It requires students to fill up the parts of the food pyramid and extract information from the pictures to write a 50 word email about good nutrition and living a healthy lifestyle. Similar Worksheetstorosgazete.com Oct 13,  · Question: Based on your observation, many of your classmates are not taking proper care of their health.

As you are the president of the Health Club of your school, your teacher advisor has asked you to write an article for the school magazine on how to lead a healthy lifestyle.

write an article about healthy lifestyle

· The key to being heart healthy is maintaining a healthy lifestyle and managing your risk factors. The American Heart Association explains how to make new healthy habits and change old unhealthy habits and how to stick with the healthy changes.

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Learn these changes from the Hip Hop torosgazete.com  · A healthy lifestyle should be like a healthy diet -- well-balanced. Practicing only one or two aspects of healthy living is, of course, better than Composition of a Healthy Lifestyle | torosgazete.comps://torosgazete.com Are you getting enough of the 13 essential vitamins your body needs to stay healthy?

Here’s what each vitamin does—and how to achieve the recommended daily intake through a healthy diet. Filed Under: Healthy Living.

May 01,  · It requires students to fill up the parts of the food pyramid and extract information from the pictures to write a 50 word email about good nutrition and living a healthy lifestyle 4/5(3).  · How to Lead a Healthy Life. To lead means to take charge and guide. By deciding to lead a healthy life, you're deciding to assume command over your own habits and actions. Take care of the basics by eating, exercising, and sleeping. Build torosgazete.com Having a healthy lifestyle also makes the life become more enjoyable and the most important thing is a way to keep our body in good condition in order to accomplish day-to-day tasks. When you having a healthy lifestyle in your future, it will make all of us have a healthy body and torosgazete.com://torosgazete.com

16 Signs of Evolution You Can Still Find on Your torosgazete.com  · Here's how you can write all kinds of topics about a healthy lifestyle.

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