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Family background and early life[ edit ] Kelly's boyhood home, built by his father in Beveridge in At age 11, Kelly saved a young boy from drowning in a creek and was awarded this green sash in recognition of his bravery. Kelly wore the sash under his armour during his last stand at Glenrowan. It remains stained with his blood.

Kelly paper

Kelly paper

Kelly wore the sash under his armour during his last stand at Glenrowan. It Kelly paper stained with his blood.

The exact date of his birth is not known, but a number of lines of evidence, including a interview with family descendants Paddy Kelly paper Charles Griffiths, a record from his mother, and a note from a school inspector, all suggest his birth was in December Inthe Kelly family moved to Avenel, near Seymourwhere they soon attracted the attention of local police.

In Avenel he once risked his life to save another boy, Richard Shelton, from drowning in Hughes Creek.

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Once released, Red drank heavily, which had an ultimately fatal effect on his health. In November his body started to swell from dropsy and he died at Avenel on 27 December In the dispute with the established graziers on whose land the Kellys were encroaching, they were suspected many times of cattle or horse stealing, [6] but never convicted.

Kelly was falsely accused of informing on the bushranger. At the end of the month, they attempted to steal horses from John Rowe, a squatter, as part of a plan to rob the Woods Point — Mansfield gold escort.

Kelly paper

Rowe spotted the bushrangers in the hills surrounding his homestead and fired at them. They ran as Rowe continued firing, and with him in pursuit, managed to flee into the bush.

Kelly returned home soon after and for a time broke off his association with Power. According to Fook, as he was passing the Kelly family home, Ned confronted him with a long stick, announced he was a bushranger and said he would kill him if he did not hand over his money.

Kelly robbed him of 10 shillings and Fook said he was chased away.

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He then travelled to Benalla to give his account of what happened to Sergeant James Whelan, who was, according to fellow officers, "a perfect encyclopedia of knowledge" about the Kelly family and its criminal activities.

Kelly tried to flee, but the sergeant captured him and took him to Benalla, where he testified in court the next day that his sister Annie was sitting outside the house when Fook asked her for water to drink.

Given creek water, he abused Annie for not giving him rain water, and Kelly came to her defence. Fook then hit Kelly with a bamboo stick, causing him to run away and hide. The visitor left as he threatened to return and burn the house down.

Historians find neither account completely convincing, [18] and given that no other witnesses came forward, the charge was dismissed on 26 October and Kelly was released. The Benalla Ensign reported, "The cunning of himself [Kelly] and his mates got him off"; the Ovens and Murray Advertiser on the other hand reported that "the charge of robbery has been trumped up by the Chinaman to be revenged on Kelly, who had obviously assaulted him".

By the end of the month, Kelly was named in the press as the culprit, and a few days later, he was captured by police and confined to Beechworth Gaol.

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Kelly faced the court three times, first on the charge of robbing McBean, then twice on successive robberies. The first two charges were dismissed as none of the victims could positively identify him.

On the third charge, the victims were reported to have also failed to identify Kelly, but they had in fact been refused a chance to identify him by Superintendents Nicolas and Hare.U.S.

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