Ethical standards of arranged marriages

Historical Background Though moral relativism did not become a prominent topic in philosophy or elsewhere until the twentieth century, it has ancient origins. In the classical Greek world, both the historian Herodotus and the sophist Protagoras appeared to endorse some form of relativism the latter attracted the attention of Plato in the Theaetetus.

Ethical standards of arranged marriages

July 29, The Orange Flower is here! We are ready to hear powerful voices in sixteen different categories. One prominent phenomenon that has been held superior by India like a trophy, is its foundation of arranged marriage and traditions that place faith in tying two individuals together.

Hinduism alone portrays eight sorts of marriages. In India, a wedding is not about just cohering two souls, but more about establishing a bond between two families forever.

Thus, parents play the role laying down all the standard procedures of marriage. His mom took her turn. Girl should get up at 6 and start cooking, since her son is an IT professional and of course, will have lunch. The girl should bring loads of money as an added attraction.

Who literally likes giving their well deserved cash away to another person? Girl should be capable enough of doing household work, ignoring the idea of hiring a maid, citing budget as a concern.

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Another funny thing, even now trying to make sense of what it implies. Girl should give her entire salary to her husband, hence proving our Indian society is a patriarchal one with males controlling the income of the family.

Upon cautious investigation, you would understand that arranged marriages are definitely a minor business exchange. Yes, I mean it!

Arranged marriages

For one, there is product of worth included — the husband to be. May be, pop in love and compatibility for a change. Cup, flowers and hearts image via Shutterstock.In turn, some of my friends think arranged marriage is more ideal, with their entire families having had arranged marriage. I'm curious to learn now what moral/ethical reasons there are for either position, and if there is any resources I can read regarding this.

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Ethical standards of arranged marriages

Arranged Marriages. Arranged marriages were very common, everywhere in the world, until the 18th century.[2] Maintaining Ethical Standards BSHS Maintaining Ethical Standards This paper will be on Emily and Louis. If arranged marriages became a social norm in the United States, self-esteem in women would most likely increase as depression decreased.

Today, many women feel pressured by society, often comparing themselves to models and celebrities, to alter their bodies to become more appealing to men.

Ethical standards of arranged marriages

Ethics & Morals Essay. Ethics and Values in a Global Setting Jason Bokesch CMGT March 22, John Zupan Ethics and Values in a Global Setting This week we were asked to write a paper examining how we reconcile our personal, professional, and cultural values, and our ethics in a global setting.

Yet, in the same street where several wives were imported for arranged marriages lives a lesbian couple and a dozen individuals cohabiting in de facto relationships, some with ‘illegitimate’ children.

Jan 15,  · Well just going off of statistics, I'd be willing to bet that in today's world, arranged marriages where the spouses actually marry are more successful than "love" marriages in the USA. Divorce rates are not indicative of the level of success of marriage.

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