Account of the accomplishments of general george meade

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Account of the accomplishments of general george meade

Edit George Meade — was a career military officer from Pennsylvania who is best known for his role as a Union general during the Civil War. He began working as a civil engineer for railroad companies and the Department of War until reenlisting in the army in Meade fought in the Mexican—American War and was promoted to first lieutenant for his heroic actions at the Battle of Monterrey.

From the s until the onset of the Civil War inMeade was involved in coastal surveying and designing lighthouses, mainly for the Corps of Topographical Engineers.

He was promoted to brigadier general at the beginning of war, but was badly wounded at the Battle of Glendale in He recovered and led forces during major battles, including Antietam and Fredericksburg.

In JuneMeade succeeded in defeating General Joseph Hooker as commanding officer of the Army of the Potomacand fought his greatest battle only days later at Gettysburgthe bloodiest battle of the war.

George Meade: Early Life and Military Career

He succeeding in defeating General Robert E. Lee and the Confederate forces, but was criticized by President Abraham Lincoln for allowing Confederate forces to retreat to Virginia. Meade continued to serve as the Army of the Potomac's commanding officer until the end of the war, though Ulysses S.

Grant was appointed general-in-chief of all Union armies, superseding Meade's authority. Unlike many Civil War generals, there were no calls for a memorial to Meade after his death in because he was not popular with Lincoln, Grant, or his fellow officers, though he was considered a hero in his native Pennsylvania.

Members of the Pennsylvania congressional delegation lobbied Congress to approve the sculpture and an act of Congress authorized its erection on January 21, Because the memorial was a gift from the state of Pennsylvania, a Meade Memorial Commission was appointed by the state governor.

The commission, led by John W. Frazier, a veteran who fought with Meade at Gettysburg, was composed of architects, artists, and planners who agreed on very little. Frazier was considered abusive and tactless, sending rude letters to the CFA and demanding certain requirements for the memorial.

This created an impasse which lasted until Frazier's death in Following his death, the memorial commission finally chose a sculptor, a Pennsylvania native named Charles Grafly — Although Grafly was at the peak of his career, the CGA was hesitant in approving him to design the sculpture because his symbolic works has been criticized for being incomprehensible.

The CFA finally agreed to consider Grafly and following several months of negotiations and changes, a preliminary sculpture design was approved in August Before the memorial was installed, the last of the old Botanic Garden greenhouses were demolished and the Bartholdi Fountain was moved to make way.

Piccirilli Brothers carved the memorial and the project contractor was the George A. Invalid thumbnail parameters Dedication of the memorial in The memorial was formally dedicated on October 19,becoming one of the last Civil War monuments erected in Washington, D.

By the time of the dedication, many of the GAR and Society of the Army of the Potomac members who championed the memorial had died and only a few Civil War veterans were able to attend the ceremony. WilburSecretary of the Treasury Andrew W.Each of General George Meade's accomplishments had one major effect on how life is today.

To start, if Meade had not defeated Lee at the Second Battle of Bull Run  · The George Gordon Meade Memorial, also known as the Meade Memorial or Major General George Gordon Meade, is a public artwork in Washington, D.C.

honoring George Meade, a career military officer from Pennsylvania who is best known for defeating General Robert E.  · George Gordon Meade (31 December – 6 November ) was a career U.S. Army officer and engineer involved in coastal the American Civil War he served as a Union general, and is most famous for defeating Robert E.

Lee at the Battle of  · George Gordon Meade. George Gordon Meade (), American Civil War general, is best remembered as the victor of the Battle of Gettysburg and as the last commander of the Army of the Potomac..

Account of the accomplishments of general george meade

The son of an American merchant, George Gordon Meade was born on Dec. 31, , in /george-gordon-meade. George McClellan was a Union General in the American Civil War. He built the Army of the Potomac and led it during the Peninsula and Maryland Campaigns in Maj.

General George Gordon Meade () commanded the Army of the Potomac in the stunning defeat of Confederate General Robert E. Lee at the Battle of

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